A standard deck of playing cards in which all the cards have gone naked!  

Printed by the USPCC

We started from the standard Bicycle® card design (with the company's permission, of course!). We redesigned every king, queen, jack and joker as if we had scratched away a layer of ink to reveal each character’s true identity.

In the Undressed Deck, you'll discover what cards really look like under their fancy clothes!

The result of our work is a beautiful deck of 54 cards that will provide fun for the whole family whether you’re playing pokersolitaire, doing a trick or practicing a cardistry move

There’s nothing steamy about this deck. It’s intended for all ages and cultures.

To create the deck, we spent hours analyzing the facial and body expressions of every King, Queen and Jack from the original Bicycle® deck.

To help us imagine what the cards looked like under their clothes, we developed an identity and personality for every single card.

Once we determined the age, social status, background of each card, we drew their undressed bodies!

Some cards are inspired by famous paintings:

Others are inspired by actors, movie characters, etc. Maybe you can guess some of our inspirations! ;)

We work with the USPCC (The United-States Playing Card Company), the world's leading playing card manufacturer. The cards are made in the USA of sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based inks

The linen finish and triple coating make these cards extra smooth and durable. 

"The original idea came from Néry Catineau and myself while we were working on a magic card act in which two cards got undressed. Shakkalo and Néry helped create the design. My cousin Julien is the talented graphic designer behind the cards." 

 Edi Rudo 

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