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Work in progress
Will premiere in the fall 2024.

In his one-man show The Daydreamer, Edi Rudo reveals the imaginary world he inhabited as a child. In this world, mundane objects take on a life of their own and become infused with poetry and grace. 

The show blends magic, mentalism, mime, hand shadows, puppetry, and tap dancing into a unique visual experience.

Edi brings the audience into his world through interactive magic and mentalism.


Edi created more than 50 original tricks for the show. The Daydreamer was directed by the award-winning Néry Catineau, with an original score by Nicolas Cloche.

The show took four years to develop. Edi and his team designed, patented, and manufactured over ten machines that support the visual effects. Seventy people from thirty fieds ranging from carpentry to acrobatics were involved.

This show would not have been possible without the energy and talent of more than 70 people.

Listen to Edi talk about how they had to convert an empty warehouse into a theater in order to rehearse and accelerate the creative process.


Want to learn more about the show? 

Performed in France, Macao and New York City, this performance showcases everything Edi does best: telling stories with his hands and clever magic tricks.

This show is suitable for small audiences of all ages.

It is fully customizable to fit your event. It mixes magic, mime, hand shadows, and audience participation.

Duration: ten minutes to one hour.


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