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In his one-man show The Daydreamer, Edi Rudo opens the doors to the imaginary world he inhabited as a child.

He welcomes us into a poetic world full of visual surprises. Magic, mentalism, mime, shadow puppets, puppets, tap dancing: everything contributes to a dizzying experience!

The objects come to life, the cards dance in a miniature ballet. Objects fly, appear and disappear! Visual acts are mixed with interactive magic and mentalism acts in which the audience actively participates.

Edi takes us back to childhood by playing with our senses and memories. All this is accompanied by a breathtaking staging sprinkled with special effects and punctuated by an original music signed Nicolas Cloche.

A first version of his show has already been performed in France and abroad (United States, China, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Tours, Reims...etc.). This new version, which took 4 years of development, has not finished to dazzle the audience!

This show would not have been possible without the energy and talent of more than 70 people

Listen to Edi talk about how they had to convert an empty warehouse into a theater in order to rehearse and accelerate the creative process.


Want to learn more about the show, or the show's future and development? 

Performed all around the world, in France, Macao and NYC, this performance showcases everything Edi does best: telling stories with his hands and some clever magic tricks.

This show is perfect for small audiences of all ages!

The show is fully customizable to fit your event. 
It mixes magic, mime, hand shadows, audience participation.

Duration: 10 minutes to 1 hour


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