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The Undressed Deck

You might have seen our deck on Kickstarter. Last August, thanks to our amazing backers, the project was succesuffly funded at 180%! 


In the Undressed deck we took all the cards from the orignal bicycle card design, and ditched the clothing. We re-designed every King, Queen, Jack and Joker.


As a bonus, we've added a fully dressed King and Queen for magicians to unleash their creativity.


All orders come with an Undressed Deck postcard.

If you purchase six or twelve decks, we'll send you a free custom deck stand!


For more info about The Undressed Deck project click here.

The Undressed Deck - Printed by USPCC

  • The Undressed Deck

    In the Undressed Deck, you'll discover what the cards really look like under their fancy clothes! 

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